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​OPEN SOON in 2022


                      WHAT ATTITUDE SHOULD YOU HAVE?

To start an apprenticeship in these trades

If you have the desire to learn one of the manual trades ... motivation, respect, open up with an attitude and a non-competitive spirit, but rather with the desire to surpass yourself, to share, to feel at one with the subject that you work, if you are young, you are not afraid to open yourselves by the travel towards the world, then it is one of the first steps, (on the other hand if this spirit you don t have it, don t waste your time to contact us) the language barrier is not one, on the contrary it is another small challenge among the others, when we want to learn...


If you don t have a CV or Professional experience, a Cover Letter with a small description of your self (clear, precise and sincere) is already a first act...

                      THE SECOND ACTION

After reading your mail by professionals, 2 tests and 2 steps apart are your way of the procedure, you will understand that the second will be, will give you the final acceptance or not (don ' t worry) it is just a step to get to know better....


Personal self-learning with a follow-up by professionals (note: you will understand that this is no longer school, but a self-management even in constant evolution, Professional and know how to live...

                        WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO LEARN?

Knowledge of the chosen profession, its history through the ages, Technology the material you will be in contact with and the materials that will be related to it ... mathematics, steronomy, geometry, the tools for the execution of the profession chooses (manual, machinery etc) technical drawing of the subject which you are asking, then execution in the workshop of the parts traces by yourself, the learning is in constant evolution (one cannot pass a stage of the training without having understood it, the educators take care of this, precipitation and passivity cannot be accepted) it is you who made the approach and the choice, so each step there is an important question: WHY ???

                              THE TRAINING PROGRAM

It depends on your experience at the start of it, a very complete, solid and high level professional program, don 't worry, you will not have time to be bored

SELF-DEMAND AND JOY OF LIVING are two important tools for carrying out your learning, of course with self-control...




Carpenter joiner


St one maker


Iron ​maker




cabinet maker &

Finisher carpenter ​​


Plaster  staffer


Slater & copper roofer​



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